Prisoner of addiction.

These four walls confine her. White like the winters snow. Few pictures hang upon them a rosary with Christ hanging on the cross. Hoping for safety she finds a world of hidden lives secrets poor from the sealing how many more of these secrets can these walls hide. Broken. She lays on the floor locked behind a door Caged like an animal. Treated as a child she’s tame yes she is not wild. In love with the one whose secrets she keeps captive behind sown lips knowing one loose thread will sink this ship. Each and every one of us is a prisoner of addiction constantly controlled by its will. Ones personal strength can only go so far. Quickly she is reverting to old ways. Slowly losing track of how many days and nights she has spent with her eyes open wide. Scared she’s paralyzed with fear. Her eyes constantly hiding her tears. Can she make it through the next few years. She spends all of her time hiding her fear she spends her hours drowning herself in denial. Are the choses she’s making honestly final? Denial a word to many thought of as a way of saying she’s crazy blind stupid. She’s lost she’s confused in pain miserable but happy and content. A roller coaster of emotions, whiplash. In The carpet lies small fine shards of glass that makes eyes around her sparkle, but leaving her desperately confused, naive to the idea of its controlling attributes the glamorized idea of the toxic infection it leaves behind when it’s gone the maze, a puzzle that her life has become. People in and out a week seems like a century time with out sleep she barely has a grasp on reality.

Goodbyes are meant for lonely people standing in the rain, and no matter where I go it’s always pouring all the same. These streets are filled with memories, both perfect and in pain, and all I want to do is love you, but I’m the only one to blame