Then < Now The hurt the lies and the continuously broken promises these four walls of this barely structured house lives a girl sober yet a world of foggy Pyrex rules her life. When she had hoped the fog had finally cleared its back again thicker than before. Lies from the one person she’d thought wouldnt do it to her she thought he was throughing himself and her down the drain. This boy wouldnt realize the kind of life he could live. Didnt realize what she deserves didnt care enough about her to stay sober. She knows its possible shes seen it before. She sees the love in his eyes she feels it with her heart she knows its unconditional. She feels that its right to stay shes not brave enough to walk away. She knows she can’t survive with out his love hes her anchor the one that will always pick her up when she falls the one that will love her broken pieces and all. She loves this damaged boy more than herself more than her addiction. Shed give him anything, he told her he loved her and she felt it from the spark she loved him for who she knows who he is for who he will be and for the him he used to be, she loves him unconditionally. Shes made her mistakes she knows no one is perfect she understands. But even though hes damaged hes perfect to her. He took her breath away with his first kiss she remembers the night to a T the way she did her hair the color she wore the way her stomache churned twisting and turning. Anxious she could barely compose herself and it was it that night she fell that night she was hooked the used to be isnt better than what is to be. The then is not nearly as good as the now. She is going to give the vow to never do again what she has already done. Not a day goes by that she doent wish she could take it back. But its in the past and is there to stay and she puts that. One promise will never be broken. This boy means everything shell stop at nothing to hold him up to keep his chin up. She promised him forever and for always and she means that. Shes come to far to throw it all away. This boy is her everything hes her reason to breath her cause to live is their future. Hes all she wants and everything she needs. The best sex always leaves her craving more. Hes all she could ever ask for. He is her lover, boyfriend, and bestfriend.